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Leather re colouring Doncaster

*** We are unable to offer any repairs or re colouring at this time ***

When you need your leather sofa to look great again. And you are looking for Leather re colouring Doncaster. Look no further.

Leather re colouring Doncaster – Fancy a change?

Doncaster leather care is on hand to re colour your leather sofa and other furniture. In fact we can re colour any type of leather from jackets to handbags. Over time your sofa will deteriorate in terms of colour and will start to look shabby. But no need to pay again for another expensive sofa. If you like this one. Perhaps it fit’s the room. It may be really comfortable. Or you may just want to change the colour of it. We can do that for you.

Leather re colouring Doncaster – We understand leather.

You really have to know what you are doing to re colour leather. But people make the mistake of offering this service without really understanding the complex nature of leather and pigments. The job is not just about spraying a leather chair. A deep understanding how the leather will react and how to make the pigment stay on the leather is needed.

It’s no good applying the pigments if they are going to fall off in a few months!

It’s equally important to understand what type of leather you have to be re coloured. Be it a leather jacket for repair or a sofa. We test for this and it is essential that we understand exactly what we are dealing with. Certain treatments and leather colouring process can damage your leather sofa beyond repair. But don’t worry, we have it all in hand.

After the identification we start the deep clean part of the process. We locate the grease spots where heads have been in the past and other places that have left grease on your sofa. This need to be freed up, removed and treated before we can start the repairs and preparation for the leather re colour.


Leather re colouring Doncaster – All done in your home.

We strip the old and faded pigment from the furniture and stabilise it. From there we repair any cuts and scratches in the leather that it may have picked up along the way and start the leather re colouring process.

We do all this in your home. We do not leave a mess but it usually takes less than six hours to complete a three piece leather suite.
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