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Leather jacket repair Doncaster

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Leather jacket repair Doncaster
Leather jacket repair Doncaster

When your leather jacket needs a repair give us a call. Leather jacket repair Doncaster is just one of the services we give. We are extremely experienced at Leather jacket repair and re colour with our vast experience and training. This sort of service is hard enough to find in Doncaster in the first place. But how do you know you have found the right people?

Leather jacket repair Doncaster – Who are we?

We are a local family firm specialising in leather repair. Yes, we live and work in Donny. We are not a heavily advertising franchise on Google ads from hundreds of miles away. We are truly local. But what difference does this make to you? The fact is, we are highly trained leather technicians with a wealth of experience. We attend regular industry training events and we are fully insured.

So now you know that we have the skills. What else do you need to know? Well not being a national franchise, we can offer a far superior local service for leather jacket repair. You are not paying for Google ads or top heavy franchise fees. You don’t pay for managers and you don’t pay for head offices. A better service for less money. It makes sense!

If you maintain a good cleaning and leather protection regime, your leather jacket will last for years and will look great. But sometimes accidents happen. Life happens too. Everything wears out including leather jackets. So we offer everything from a simple clean, through re colouring to make it look great again. And full blown repairs. We can even change the colour for you if you want!

The photographs below show a jacket that retails for over one thousand pounds. This jacket was thrown in the boot of a car and came into contact with a broken black printer in cartridge. Clearly, the damage was permanent. But in an effort to clean it, someone decided to use hairspray (a you tube moment)!


Re colouring – Leather jacket repair Doncaster

So with this jacket we attended to a few minor repair issues and carried out a full leather jacket re colour. Our client was delighted. We applied a suitable protector and now the jacket will last for many years to come. Sometimes a full deep clean and re nourish will do the job. But it just depends on the condition of the garment in the first place.

We also repair and re colour motorcycle jackets and full motorbike leathers. This covers everything from a few scratches to a full re colour. We always finish with a protector to make it last longer too.

We do gloves also. Bikers get used to their gloves. they take a time to wear in and get comfortable. But they get worn and scratched. Some people like that, some don’t. If you want your gloves looking good, we can do that for you. again, from scratches to a re colour and protect.

If you need any more information. Do call us for a chat. But don’t forget, we are your local Doncaster leather jacket repair specialists.

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