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Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster

Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster

Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster

When you hire a professional for leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster you expect a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I offer this as standard. We are confident that you will be pleased with the leather sofa cleaning service that I offer.

The full process is always talked through with you first and I explain fully what you can expect. I can condition and renovate your leather sofa getting it back to great condition and extending the life of your favourite piece of leather furniture for years.

Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster – Don’t loose your investment

You have invested heavily in your leather sofa and you want to keep it looking and feeling great for years. But it needs cleaning and conditioning. It’s a fact of life, it’s skin!

Manufactures of leather sofas will recommend cleaning every six months. In my opinion, unless it is subject to very heavy use, a year or so is about right before it will start cracking and feeling rough etc. You should check your guarantee though, not having it cleaned as per the recommendations may invalidate your insurance.

Leather sofa in cleaning Doncaster – Free leather check

I will come out and carry out a detailed survey of your leather sofa. Identifying the type of leather, any damage and talk about the types of products that I would use. The survey is free and without obligation. I will not be calling you to see if you want to proceed, so don’t worry about pushy salesmen. It’s my company, I do the work and I value and respect peoples time. I only cover Doncaster and the surrounding area. And I only do local work. So when you need Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster just give me a call.

Eco friendly product leather cleaning product

If you want me to clean your leather sofa and chairs I will use the latest eco friendly products to remove the soil from the leather, condition it and finish with a protector to help it stay in great condition for as long as possible. So no need to worry about allergies and issues with children or pets.

Leather upholstery repair Doncaster

If you have rips or marks. Scuffs or faded leather. Don’t worry. Because we not only clean leather furniture. But we also repair and re colour all types of leather. From your sofa to your classic car seats. And everything in between. Just click through to our  leather upholstery repair page and from there you will find out about all the other leather services we cover.

Don’t forget that all important leather protector. Once it has been deep cleaned your leather upholstery will need to be protected.

Just before your leather sofa or char left the factory, it will have been professionally sprayed with a suitable leather protector.

This rubs off in about a year of normal use, and it’s vital to have it replaced.

When it rubs off, you are sitting on the soft paint, the colour of the suite. This is very sift and will rub through to the rough leather below it.

That will look very bad and tatty. It’s possible to repair it, but the better thing to do it so prevent this happening and save the cost of the repair process.

We also deep clean your capets. So if you are looking for carpet cleaning Doncaster just give us a call.

Call today to get a really deep clean and professional re protect:

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Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster

Leather sofa cleaning in Doncaster

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