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Leather cleaning tips

Here are some leather cleaning tips from Doncaster leather care. Now that you own an expensive leather sofa or just really want to keep that leather item in great condition so that it will last for years you could probably do with some leather cleaning tips.

Leather is a natural product and does need to be looked after if you want it to look and feel great for years to come so one or two leather cleaning tips won’t go amiss. In real terms leather is skin and whilst you may be able to clean it to some extent you need to bear in mind that it need to be treated in a similar way to your own skin. It needs moisturising and other processes so that it doesn’t crack or dry out completely.

Leather cleaning tips – Be careful with leather cleaning products

You need to be very careful when using leather cleaning products on your leather. Just because it says it cleans leather on the tin, it may not be good for your leather investment. Most cleaners are alkaline. This has the potential to damage your leather beyond repair. It may look good when it is just cleaned, but the damage will soon become apparent, depending on the strength of the product.

Leather takes up stains very easily. So as soon as you have a spill you need to get it off. At that point it is better to just leave it and call your local leather cleaners. Don’t just start putting all sorts of products or crazy tips from the internet on your expensive leather sofa.

Did you know that a lot of furniture polish contains silicone? Once you have put silicone onto your your leather furniture. It can be almost impossible to get new pigment (paint), to stick to it. this means that future repairs can be difficult or impossible. Have your leather cleaned and re protected professionally.

Leather cleaning tips – Don’t scrub leather

Do not use any scrubbing or sponges on your leather. If you do, you will remove the finish and cause further damage that will need repair. We can replace this though. So if you have done this, just give Doncaster leather care a call on 01302 272102 and we come out and advise you of what can be done.

You should thoroughly vacuum your leather sofa regularly to get rid of the grit and tiny pieces of dirt that rub into the leather causing damage. This also helps to keep the microscopic bacteria level down that may grow on the leather.

Leather cleaning tips – Use the right leather conditioner

It is very important to maintain the finish of the leather. This not only makes the leather look good, it really helps to keep your leather sofa in great condition. It is important to do this with the correct product. Not all leather is the same. Not all products are the same either. You should not use a product that contains wax or silicone for example and the conditioner should match the requirements of the leather it is going to be used on.

Once we have cleaned your leather we can advise you on what product to use in between deep cleaning. We will usually have a suitable product on the van that you can buy. If not we will recommend a product and give you other leather cleaning tips.

Leather will suffer if it is kept in full sun. So using a throw when you are out at work all day would be a good thing. Hot things should be kept away from leather. For example if it is too close to a radiator or fire it will need treating much more often.

Keeping up with treating your leather between the times when a leather cleaning technician comes out to do a deep clean will really help to extend the life of your leather.

I hope these few leather cleaning tips will help you keep your sofa or leather goods in great condition. Remember, we are always here to help and advise. Call Doncaster leather care at any time. We are your local family firm of leather cleaning technicians.

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Leather cleaning tips

Leather cleaning tips

Leather cleaning tips

Leather cleaning tips

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