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Leather cleaners Doncaster

Update: 07/11/2020

Leather cleaners Doncaster. You have found us! A highly trained family firm living and working in Doncaster, Pontefract & Barnsley. We offer an excellent service. leather cleaning and reprotection work that is second to none and all at terrific value.

It is so important to use the correct products to clean and protect your leather sofa. The first thing we do is to check through the microscope what leather you actually have.

Leather cleaners Doncaster

Leather Cleaners Doncaster

After that, we only use use the very best products on your leather sofa or leather goods. And we can also advise you on what products to buy to protect your leather investment.

We clean leather upholstery in Doncaster, Pontefract & Barnsley.

There have been leather cleaners in the Doncaster, Pontefract & Barnsley area for millennia going back before Roman times here in Doncaster. And with the equine connection there has always been a demand locally.

These days leather furniture has never been so popular. People are beginning to realise that the leather wipes the man in the shop told them about are a waste of time and can actually damage your leather sofa. Firstly, what do they have in them?

For example, would you use alcohol wipes to clean leather? So you would want to consider that alcohol is something you wash the paint out of your brushes with.

Leather furniture is usually painted. That is to say that when you see a black, blue, red or some colour that you wouldn’t find on a cow. It’s painted. 

The paint is usually spray painted like a car. After that, it is coated with a protector. When wiping down your leather couch. You need to remember what will take paint off!

We have so many calls to fix leather sofas that have been damaged in this way that it became clear to us years ago that people were not given leather cleaning information when they purchased new leather upholstery.

Leather cleaning and reprotection.

We offer a free survey and inspection of your leather and we will tell you exactly what can and can’t be done. We start with a leather deep clean and if you have cat scratches or cuts, we can repair them for you too.

Tanneries, the people that produce leather for furniture etc advise that your leather sofa should be deep cleaned and re finished once or twice a year depending on the conditions and the use.

We say that in our experience once a year will be sufficient. The danger with leaving it longer comes when the leather cracks with the heat in modern homes and starts to fade in the sun.

We apply a suitable leather protector after we deep clean your couch. And this protects it until the next clean. It’s the only way to preserve your investment.

Leather cleaners Doncaster – Call us today

We can keep on top of this for you and you can look forward to keeping your leather investment for many years to come. So when you are looking for leather cleaners in Doncaster, Pontefract & Barnsley just give us a call.

We serve Doncaster Pontefract & Barnsley so we are never very far away. 

Always happy to give you free advice about caring for your leather sofa.

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Leather cleaners Doncaster

Leather cleaners Doncaster

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