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Leather repair and restoration Doncaster

*** We are unable to offer any repair services at this time ***

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We are specialist leather repair and restoration Doncaster technicians. It’s a bit of a mouthful but that’s what we do in nutshell. We can repair all your leather goods from sofas to handbags and from handbags through footwear to leather furniture and leather car interiors.

Leather repair and restoration Doncaster – Highly trained technicians

Having been highly trained by some of the best in the leather repair industry. We always guarantee our work. We use the very best material during our Leather repair and restoration Doncaster to ensure that you wont get peeling and cracking down the line.

This is an important consideration. There are not Leather repair and restoration specialist in Doncaster so you want to get the very best value for your money. This usually means that you get what you pay for.

Fortunately there is not much difference in Leather repair and restoration fees in Doncaster. The difference is what materials and techniques are being used. Like I said, we use the very best materials and we are highly trained to carry out excellent leather repair work.

Doncaster leather care & repair only works in Doncaster

We only cover Doncaster. It’s our home and we live here and we work here. Our clients tell us that they like to use local people for more than one reason! We do cover the outlying area so don’t worry too much.

Leather furniture and upholstery is an expensive item. Most likely the most expensive thing in your living room or whole house. You spent a long time choosing it and in most cases a long time paying for it. It needs looking after.

Don’t damage your leather using wipes

It’s not enough to vacuum it. It’s not enough to wipe it over. In fact you are more than likely doing more damage with it wiping it over with one of those leather wipe cloths or the dreaded baby wipes. We had one client that was so disappointed when she used a floor wipe! It took the top layer of pigment of. We re coloured it for her, but really, it’s not a good idea to use this sort of thing.

In terms of cleaning. Your leather upholstery needs to be deep cleaned once a year in normal circumstances. This is not just a clean, it’s a deep clean the get rid if the particulate that scratches and wears out your leather sofa.

We then treat it with the correct conditioner for the leather and finally we renew the protector.

If you have tears, rips, scratches or worn places we can tell you exactly how much it is to do a leather repair on them. We are also trained in great car leather repair just give us a call.

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Leather repair and restoration Doncaster
Leather repair and restoration Doncaster



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