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Leather cleaning Pontefract

If you are looking for first class leather cleaning Pontefract you have found us. We will make your leather sofa look great and last longer with our deep leather cleaning and re protection service.

Leather cleaning Pontefract
Leather cleaning Pontefract

As well as finding trained and very experienced leather cleaning experts in Pontefract. You would expect a first class leather upholstery cleaning service. This does not come overnight though. We are experts in leather restoration, but cleaning leather sofas and upholstery properly. And without damage is a separate skill.

Leather sofa cleaning Pontefract

Most importantly, we know our way around leather and deep cleaning is just one of the services we offer. Therefore, you can be assured of the very best when you ask us to come and clean your leather sofa.

Don’t think that this makes us expensive though. Above all, we are very experienced and because we really do know what we are doing. We can deep clean and re protect your leather furniture with ease and not take all day about it. Leaving your to get on with your day.

Likewise, we only use the very best and purest leather cleaning products that are specially made for us on your valuable leather investment.

Leather upholstery cleaners

Importantly, as you would expect, using the very best leather upholstery cleaner is key to the success of the clean and to the protection of your leather couch. Using the wrong leather cleaning products will damage your furniture and make it stiff and uncomfortable to sit on.

That is to say, that leather, whilst being a durable material. It is still just skin. There are many grades of leather and one of the skills of the leather cleaning technician is to be able to identify and treat all types of leather. Armed with this knowledge he or she will know what products to use.

For example, we have seen people using saddle soap on their leather sofa. Right here in Pontefract!
Saddle soap is for scrubbing down dense leather saddles that have been out in the elements and are treated to be extremely hard wearing. This must not be used on your leather sofa at home.

Pontefract leather furniture cleaning

There are many examples of using the wrong leather cleaning product. People will want to keep their leather investment in great condition. But unfortunately the internet as full of unqualified information that sometimes leads to damage that can not be undone.

In other words, it’s always best to check the method as well as the product when you want to start to clean your leather couch.

We would say that, but it is so important not to use the wrong leather cleaning product. For example, some leather cleaning wipes actually have alcohol in them. What would be wrong with that? Well, if you have ever done any household painting with gloss, you will know that you clean your brushes in turpentine. Or some other product with alcohol in it.

You got it, alcohol removes paint. Firstly it’s important to have a basic idea of how your leather sofa is finished. So clearly leather does not come from the cow in red, blue or any other colour that leather furniture is finished in.

How a leather sofa is coloured and protected.

The leather is spray painted and then a protection coat is applied. This protection coating can not be very thick. Otherwise it would make the couch feel like sitting on cardboard. There is a balance with this. Application of the protector has to be heavy enough to protect for a reasonable amount of time, yet thin enough not to spoil the touch of the leather.

Therefore the leather protector once applied has a limited lifetime. We estimate, in a household of say two children and two adults. One year would be about the time the sofa would need deep cleaning and re protecting.

After that, with the protector rubbed off, the soft paint is exposed. It does not take very long at all getting on and off the sofa to rub that paint off.

But we can’t just re protect the leather. It’s very important to remove all of the tiny pieces of dust and grit that can’t really be seen before re applying a leather protection coat.

Otherwise, these particles get trapped in the new protector. This acts like sandpaper on the paint each time you get on or off or move around on the furniture. Again, it will take the paint off.

Expert leather cleaners in Pontefract

In conclusion, we will not only make your leather sofa look great again. But we will make sure that everything is done to minimise the damage until the next clean.



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