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Leather cleaning in Barnsley

For the very best leather cleaning in Barnsley & Pontefract you need highly trained leather cleaning professionals. Don’t worry, you have found us!

Leather cleaning in Barnsley
Leather cleaning in Barnsley

Leather sofa cleaning in Barnsley & Pontefract

You will have paid a lot of money for that leather sofa. It’s comfortable and it fits the room just nice.

If it were a fabric sofa you would just have it cleaned. After all, it’s bound to get dirty over time. But it’s leather, so what do you do? You need to be really careful if you want to try to clean your leather sofa yourself.

If your leather furniture is coloured the leather will have been coloured with special pigment designed for leather.

This is then finished with a protective coating. Usually a polyurethane product. If it is a natural colour, it may have no protective coating at all. Or a very light coating.

In any event, this coating will wear off. Normally in an average household it will have worn away on the seating positions and arms in a year or so.

You will need to test the surface of the leather to understand if the leather protector has worn away. If it has, you are left with just the pigment. This paint is soft, it will rub off easily during cleaning if the wrong technique is used.

When this happens, the undercoat will show through like a sore thumb. Especially with some of the leather cleaners on the market today.

How to clean a leather sofa

We are very well trained to make sure that the leather is able to be cleaned without removing the paint. Our equipment tests for the presence of leather protector and with the microscope we can understand what condition the couch is in.

Once this has been done we select one of our leather cleaning products to gently but deep down clean your leather furniture.

At the end of all this we apply a suitable leather protector to protect your investment for another year.

You have to be very careful what you clean your leather furniture with. Some products and wipes contain alcohol. Alcohol will strip the paint out of your sofa just like it cleans paint out of brushes. It also dries leather out just like an alcohol cleaner does on your hands.

Our leather products are designed to make your furniture last longer and look great without damaging it.

Is it worth cleaning my leather sofa?

That sounds like a crazy question. But many people ask me this when they call. It goes back to the fabric sofa cleaning that we touched on earlier. It’s easy to get furniture cleaned if it’s material.

It’s a bit of a mine field when it comes to leather cleaning, but that is just because most people are worried about rubbing off the paint. And rightly so. But don’t worry, I am here to help you.

It is worth cleaning your leather sofa because it’s not just about the look of it. Yes, it looks great when it’s deep cleaned and re protected. But that is just the start of it.

For a start, central heating dries out the leather as does the sun through the window. We all have central heating these days and it’s great. But it’s not great for leather. During the deep cleaning process we deal with this for you.

Tiny grit particles mix in with the dust that every home has floating around. it comes in through the doors and windows and falls off our clothing. It settles on the leather furniture and every time we wiggle around or get on and off. It acts like sandpaper scratching at the protective coating and into the soft leather paint.

We get all that out for you and finish by re protecting your leather investment. Keeping it protected and looking great.

How much is leather sofa cleaning in Barnsley & Pontefract?

The answer to how much is leather sofa cleaning in Barnsley is £30 for each seating position. This Includes the correct protector for your type of leather. Making two chairs and a two seater sofa £120. Using professional leather cleaners In Barnsley. Prices vary between firms.

Why should you trust us?

It’s a fair question. And it’s important that you choose your leather cleaning firm carefully.

You should look at qualifications at the very least. We are specialists in leather repair and leather cleaning. So we have a very deep understanding of how how your leather furniture was made. What it was made from. And the materials including the paints and protectors that were used in its manufacture.

This deep understanding of the whole process and the ability to repair and renovate leather furniture means that your are in very safe hands when it comes to cleaning and re protecting your expensive leather couch.

Remember, our products are professional leather cleaning products that are not generally available. Our cleaner for example is made just for us. We don’t want any harsh chemicals in our leather cleaner. So we use our own.

Trust your local professional leather cleaning firm to treat your furniture and your home with respect. And do a great job at local Barnsley prices.

Along with other training and credentials, I am IMI certified:

Certificate No. 01859858-01-AYL6
Candidate No. 75831019

What sort of leather do you have?

This is not really important to you. It’s our job to decide what type of leather you have and to use the right techniques and leather cleaning products that are best suited to your sort of leather. We have various ways of doing this, one being using the microscope to see the leather close up.

Identify your leather

But just for interest I will mention a few leather types. Aniline is a hide that has been dyed using Aniline dye. It feels reasonably soft to the touch. It is not usually protected though. And so it marks very easily.

Nubuck is leather that has been buffed and sanded to make it feel like velvet. It has no protector and stains very easily. It’s almost impossible to remove oil based stains leaving no trace.

Single colour pigmented leather. This is leather that is painted and has a protector applied to it. It is great for every day use and is one of the two most popular leather finishes that we see in the home.

Two tone leather finished furniture is very popular also. Basically it is a painted leather that has one coat on top of another. A good example of this would be a Chesterfield. The top coat will wear away and leave that traditional look.

These days there are lots of two tones in the home. They are not normally Chesterfields. It will be a normal sofa that has a base coat and another over the top. The effect can be quite pronounced and look mottled, to a subtle over all look.

These two tone suites tend to wear quicker in terms of paint loss. It is even more important to have these cleaned and most importantly re protected on a regular basis.

If you are interested in leather identification click here

Local family firm

In conclusion, we are a family firm of professional leather cleaners. Trust us to do a great job for you We serve Barnsley and Pontefract. Contact us today



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