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Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

If you are looking for leather furniture cleaning Doncaster you have found us. Your local leather furniture cleaning professionals. Have your leather furniture expertly cleaned, conditioned and re protected by a great family team of highly trained professional leather cleaners.

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster – By Doncaster leather care

Your valuable leather sofa is subject to a lot of every day punishment. Every time someone sits down, all the weight and actions put a lot of strain on your furniture. All this mixed with the normal dry atmosphere that houses are keep in these days will make the leather start to crack. By the time you actually see the cracks. It’s too late. It’s then a leather repair job.

Avoid the cost of repairs and have your leather furniture deep cleaned and re protected. We will leave your furniture soft and supple with our unique deep cleaning process. Our products are specially designed to deep clean and feed your leather furniture to help extend the life of your favourite sofa that you took time and spent good money to get.

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster – Be careful what you use to clean your leather

There are so many home leather cleaning products on the market. Along with all sorts of suggestions on the internet on how you can clean and treat the leather yourself. You need to be very careful of doing anything that may cause damage. Leather cleaning is a process that needs to be understood properly before trying it out on your expensive furniture.

A lot of products on the market use alcohol to strip away the dirt and to allow it to dry instantly. Think about it, if you ever had alcohol on your hands you will remember that it dried your skin. You don’t want this happening to your leather furniture. You know that alcohol based products can dissolve paint. All coloured leather is dyed or ’pained’. It didn’t leave the cow that colour! Be careful what and who you chose to clean your leather furniture.

Baby wipes and so forth are often suggested. This is not the way to treat your expensive furniture. A lot of these products just speed up the cracking and dryness leading to the breakdown of the leather. Our products are specifically designed to deep clean, nourish and protect your investment. You paid a lot of money for that sofa, you don’t want to ruin it by using dangerous products.

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

Key Benefits of Leather Furniture Cleaning – Protect your investment

Apart from looking great. Having your leather furniture deep cleaned by Doncaster leather care is the way to extend the life of your sofa and chairs. You probably spent a long time choosing that furniture. It needed to fit the room. Be the right size and feel nice to sit in. But as leather furniture gets older it needs nourishing and protecting to keep it looks yes. But also to stay supple and not become cracked.

Our process includes a deep clean, a very deep clean. This gets all the harmful dust that is very difficult to get out in normal circumstances. Dust is around all the time, no matter how well a home is cleaned. Harmful dust gets right into the leather. It needs to be taken out professionally.

Once the deep cleaning process is complete we can go ahead and apply our range of conditioners. It’s important at this stage to understand what conditioners to use on your specific type of leather.

Once the conditioning process is complete we can start the protecting process. This is very important. Once cleaned and conditioned. Your sofa will look great. We want to help you keep it that way by applying three coats of various protectors to ensure that your furniture stays looking great for longer.

This is not any old protector. We need to know what type of leather your furniture is made out of. This is why you see us looking down the microscope at your sofa!

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster

Leather furniture cleaning Doncaster – A truly local Doncaster firm

We really are a local Doncaster family firm. Living and working exclusively in Doncaster we offer our experience and knowledge to ensure that your leather furniture is looked after in a caring professional way.

We are not a franchise that will send someone on a weekend course, then let them loose on your sofa with some shop brought products. But also, we are not a national company from who knows where, sending who knows who!

Be assured that we are local and that we will care for your furniture as if it were our own. We do not employ anybody. When you book us, you get us. Two of us visit your home to deep clean your leather. This makes it a quicker process so that you can get on with the rest of your day.

There is no need to worry about moving furniture, we do all that for you and we replace everything just as it was.

How often should I clean my leather furniture?

A regular cleaning regime to keep your leather in great condition. Professional deep cleaning and protection once a year is enough for a normal household. If you would like to purchase a maintenance product from us. Just mention it when we are there and we will advise which product is best for your type of leather.

Benefits of having leather furniture deep cleaned.

So now you know that the benefits of Doncaster leather care’s deep cleaning and protecting your furniture is not just for looks.

You will benefit from soft and supple leather furniture and from our process extending the life of your leather furnishings. Protection from occasional spills and light scratches and our leather protector helps protect your sofa from wear too. And protect your Leather investment call Doncaster leather care today.

Call your local leather furniture care professionals today. Doncaster leather care. Call today for a free over the phone quotation.

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