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Leather cleaning Doncaster

If you are looking for leather cleaning Doncaster you have found us. We will revitalise your leather suite and make your sofa look great again. Our unique deep cleaning system is a great way to really bring back the quality of your leather furniture. You took a long time to choose that leather sofa and you paid a lot of money for it. Let Doncaster leather care look after your investment and keep it looking great.

Leather cleaning Doncaster – Free leather protector

It doesn’t stop there though. We believe that leather protection is vital to the process. We don’t offer it as an option as other leather cleaning firms do in Doncaster. It is not an option as far as we are concerned. There is just no point in deep cleaning and conditioning a leather suite without finishing off with a suitable leather protector. Our leather protector is carefully selected to work with your leather furniture. What’s more it’s free. The point is that we do a great job cleaning your leather furniture, it’s important that it stays that way for a long time. It’s not just for looks. The everyday tiny pieces of grit and soil on your clothes scratch and get into the leather. Our free leather protector slows the process down. Protecting your leather sofa for longer.

Leather cleaning near me

It’s important that you have confidence in the people that you ask into your home. We are a truly local firm. Living and working in Doncaster. We are not a national firm that advertises all over the country and then sends anybody to clean your leather furniture. As a local family firm we are not a franchise either. Franchises have a lot of outgoings which means that they need to charge a lot more. Unfortunately they will have wage bills and work place pensions to fund. Advertising costs along with franchise fees and the usual restrictions in terms of what products can be used.

This all has to be paid for. With some things, like a quality watch for example. You pay more for the brand because you know it will use quality components. A franchise will have a lot more out goings than a local family firm. They have to pay large amounts to the franchise. Pay wages and a lot of other things, just to offer the service. This all goes on the clever pricing structure. All this coupled with the fact that employees don’t stay in a job for very long these days just ad to the ongoing training that franchises have to live with. You don’d really want trainees practicing on your valuable leather suite. Do you?

leather cleaning Doncaster

leather cleaning Doncaster

Leather cleaning products

We use the very best and latest quality products on the market. This is another thing that franchises can not offer. They are contracted to use what the franchise wants to sell them. This is not always the best product for your furniture. But you don’t need to worry about all that with us. We will use the most appropriate product for your leather. Not the one that we can get cheap and sell on. It’s not the way we work. You can be assured that we attend on going product training courses all the time. It’s really important that we keep up with the latest technology in order to offer the very best service and deep clean on your leather furniture.

There are many types of leather. From protected to Nubuck. We can deep clean and condition and all sorts of leather. Including aniline. So don’t put it off. You are in safe hands.

The information attached to most leather furniture by way of tags is usually pretty useless. It’s not a problem though. We analyse through the microscope and other methods to make sure that we use the correct products for your type of leather.

Leather cleaning Doncaster – Cleaning all types of leather

These are the most common types of leather that we see from day to day:

Aniline. Usually of a high quality. Some are dyed and some are not. The main thing about this type of leather is that is marks easily and holds soil more readily than say a protected leather. So it’s really important to keep on top of this type of leather to keep it looking good.

Nu buck leather has a fine nap. It usually feels very nice and looks very nice if kept in good condition. Again, with this type of leather is it essential to have it cleaned regularly. Treating at home with a shop brought spotter etc will most likely end up ruining the leather.

Protected leather is the most common to be found in homes. It is a leather that has been coloured and has been finished with a suitable protective coat. This sort of leather is the one you will most likely have if you have leather furniture. It is hard wearing and if deep cleaned and re protected. It will last for a very long time. We recommend a deep clean and re protect once a year in normal use.

Leather cleaning Doncaster – Highly trained leather cleaning technicians

At leather cleaning Doncaster we take raining very seriously. Your leather sofa is an expensive investment. We respect that and for your peace of mind and our skills set, we attend leather clearing training workshops frequently. So if you are looking for a great leather cleaning job call Doncaster leather care

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Leather cleaning Doncaster

Leather cleaning Doncaster



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