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When you just want the very best for your treasured leather sofa you want buy the best leather cleaner.
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Our professional leather cleaner is specially formulated for us. We clean leather suites every day and we really needed the very best product to use. A leather cleaner that would do a fantastic job on a wide range of leather sofas and furniture.

A leather cleaning product that was safe to use for us and would not damage the furniture that we were working on.

It was a long time coming. We tested every product that we could find for sale and had the best ones analysed to find out what was in them.

What is the best leather cleaner

We needed to know what was in the best leather cleaners because we noticed that some were very good. But they had a background smell of ammonia.

Furthermore, we found out that some leather cleaners for sale did actually have ammonia in them. And some even had corrosive chemicals in them.

What we needed was a first class, safe to use leather cleaner that would not damage our clients leather sofa. Well we got there in the end. our leather cleaners is safe to use and will not damage your leather furniture.

Leather cleaning courses

We are a local leather cleaning company. But we offer training courses for leather cleaners all over the country. It got to the point where people were coming on our leather cleaning courses and were so impressed with our product that they started asking if they could buy it from us.

This presented us with a problem. We have to buy in bulk from the company that formulates it for us. So we have bulky containers full of our professional leather cleaning product.

To be able to sell it to our trainees, we had to find appropriate bottles and labels. That was more difficult than you may think! Finally though, we have bottles of our professional leather cleaner for sale to the public.

It’s exactly the same product we use and I have to say, it’s a very good product. Read more about leather care

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